Electronics services

We offer electronics design, testing and maintenance services of analog and embedded electronics. We can also manufacture small batches of electronic devices by hand.

Embedded systems & IoT

We design and implement embedded systems, devices or hardware built for specific purpose. The operation of these systems is controlled by a micro-controller, a small computer built into a microchip that can be reprogrammed after being deployed.

  • We have specialized with Atmel AVR-architecture micro-controllers
  • We can manufacture small batches of electronic devices by hand

Circuit Board Design

Design of single- and multi-layered circuit boards according to dimensions and other specifications of the customer. We pay special attention to mechanical durability, heat management, EMC-properties and electrical safety.

  • Design of wiring diagrams
  • Mechanic design
  • Design of circuit board images
  • Building prototypes

Electronics maintenance

When manufacture important piece of gear has been discontinued and new ones are no longer available, it is often the only solution to fix the item. We service all brands. We also service and maintain products and systems that are custom made – Request an estimate!

  • Computers and laptops
  • Consumer electronics
  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Other electronic epiquement

Notice: We only keep basic electronic components in stock, delivery times vary from days to weeks.

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