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Argnode Ltd. Privacy Policy

Data security is our priority. In this page you will find our privacy policy which explains how and what data we collect, how we use it and who has access to it.

Our promise and values

We take data-security and privacy seriously and are as transparent about it as possible.

Our Values

Without our user’s trust and data security there is no business left to be had. This trust, values and secure work methods are embedded into our core – we value those even higher than profitability.

Our Promise

  1. We use your data responsibly
  2. We respect your privacy
  3. We make effort to keep your data safe using best practices
  4. We follow follow IT closely and keep our systems up to date
  5. We use strong encryption where needed
  6. Our servers are securely located in Finland

Even though we use Google Analytics on the front end, we keep our precious client data that could be used to identify you far away from 14 eyes countries.

In practice this means we prefer Open Source, accept cryptocurrencies, run on Linux and host our own cloud services in Finland.

How we use cookies?

What information is being collected?

Your privacy choices

Select how your data can be used

With this selection you can change what kind of data can be collected. Different levels are described above under the “What information is being collected?” section.

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Who is collecting it?

How is it collected?

Why is it being collected?

How will it be used?

Who will it be shared with?

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?

The Right to Rectification

The Right to be Forgotten

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